Gas desulfurization and denitration method

N. de solicitud: CN20081123287
N. de publicación: CN101322903 (A)

The invention relates to a method for gas desulfurization and denitration, which is characterized in that gas to be treated is pressed into an inorganic diaphragm with a photocatalytic active layer and a separation active layer by pressure; firstly, the pressed separation active layer is pressurized to realize the separation between gas and solid; then, after the gas that passes the separation layer reaches the photocatalytic active layer, photocatalytic oxidation is carried out under the irradiation of ultraviolet, and nitric acid and sulfuric acid are generated, therefore the toxic gases such as SO2 and NOx are removed.; As the inorganic diaphragm has the perforation structure with high porosity, the method for gas desulfurization and denitration of the invention has the advantages of high ultraviolet availability, high photocatalytic efficiency, easy re-generation of catalyst and recovery of sulfuric acid and nitric acid at the same time.

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