Geopolymer compositions

N. de publicación: WO 2010079414

The present invention relates to geopolymer compositions, methods of producing the compositions, and uses thereof. The geopolymer compositions broadly are comprised of a geopolymer binder and an aggregate and, once cured, can exhibit compressive strengths in excess of that of Portland cement-based concrete formulations. The geopolymer composition of the present invention adheres to most surfaces and can b used in the formation of a mortarless building block, floor screed, bench, building block brick, support column or pre-molded column, beam, paving stone, tiles, stone accouterment for a garden, countertop, bathtub, sink, a geopolymer slab, a structural geopolymer composition, a reinforced geopolymer composition, a steel reinforced geopolymer composition, or as a substitute for structural concrete in foundations, beams, columns, or slab with the addition as necessary of steel reinforcement

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