Glass-ceramic discs for use in pigments

N. de publicación: EP2280910 A1

The present invention relates to a glass composition having crystalline phases and glass discs produced therefrom. Said glass discs can be used as a basis substrate for effect pigments. The glass discs can further be used in dyes, paints, printing inks, plastics, and in cosmetic formulations. The glass discs are converted into glass ceramics and are located in one of the following composition ranges I or II in weight %: I: 40-50 SiO2, 10-20 B2O3, 10-20 Na2O, 15-30 TiO2; II: 10-60 SiO2, 5-30 B2O3, 5-40 TiO2, 2-20 Nb2O5, 2-20 Fe2O3, 5-40 Na2O+K2O+CaO+SrO+BaO.

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