Glass-Ceramic Tiles Prepared by Pressing and Sintering DC Plasma-Vitrified Air Pollution Control Residues

Autores: Devaraj, A. R.|Cheeseman, C. R.|Boccaccini, A. R.|Deegan, D.
Fuente: Int. j. app. ceram. technol.
7(6), 925-934

Air pollution control (APC) residues produced from cleaning gas emissions at energy from waste (EfW) plants processing municipal solid waste are a problematic hazardous waste. In this research they have been treated using DC plasma technology and this produces an inert glass. Glass-ceramic tiles were prepared by powder pressing and sintering fritted APC residue-derived glass. Tile samples prepared with high levels of plasma treated APC residue glass had comparable physical properties to commercially available ceramics such as porcelain and monoporosa, with high bulk density (2.4 g/cm3), low water absorption (<6%) and high flexural strength (~60 MPa).

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