Glass-ceramics frits for porcelain stoneware bodies: effects on sintering, phase composition and technological properties

Autores: Zanelli, C.|Baldi, G.|Dondi, M.|Ercolani, G.|Guarini, G.|Raimondo, M.
Fuente: Ceram. Int.
34 (3), 455-465

In the present work, the effects of glass?ceramic frits (10 wt.%) added to a porcelain stoneware body in replacement of non-plastic raw materials were evaluated simulating the tile-making process. Each glass?ceramic frit plays its own peculiar effect on the compositional properties and only some precursors behave as real glass?ceramic materials. The positive influence of glass?ceramic precursors in promoting the sintering stands out when temperature onset densification and sintering rate are considered: both of them are improved with respect to the reference body. The presence of glass?ceramic frits allows to preserve good technological properties, complying with the latest requirements of the industrial practice.

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