Solicitante: Schepochkina, J.A.
N. de solicitud: RU20060143361
N. de publicación: RU2331597 C1

FIELD: chemistry.
SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to the technology of silicates and relates to fritted glaze for coating porcelain, faience and majolica objects. The glaze contains SiO2, Al2O3, CaO, MgO, Na2O, K2O, B2O3, ZnO, CuO, ZrO2 and P2O5, with the following ratios of components, in the given mass ratios: SiO2 – 50.0-53.0; Al2O3 – 5.0-7.0; CaO – 2.0-3.0; MgO – 4.0-6.0; Na2O – 1.0-2.0; K2O – 2.0-4.0; B2O3 – 17.5-22.5; ZnO – 4.0-6.0; CuO – 0.5-1.0; ZrO2 – 3.0-5.0; P2O5 – 0.5-1.0.
EFFECT: increased thermal resistance and lowering of the thermal coefficient of expansion of the glaze.

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