Glossiness and slipperiness of polished porcelain stoneware tiles

Autores: Sousa, F.J.P.|Souza, R.G. de|Alarcón, O.E.|Engels, M.
Fuente: Interceram
59 (2), 128-133

This work attempts to establish a quantitative criterion for estimating the most recommended range of polishing level to be reached by the polishing process of ceramic floor tiles considering a balance of glossiness and slip resistance. To this end, a direct characterization of these both properties was carried out, including a statistical comparison between experimental results extracted from the same polished tile. Firstly, the spatial distribution of gloss was measured considering two different angles of incidence, = 20° and = 60°. The slip resistance was represented quantitatively by the coefficient of friction which in turn was measured over the whole polished surface. These measurements were carried out by a friction tester equipped with two different glider materials, Neolite and SBR rubber, separately. After comparing the results of glossiness and slipperiness, some perceptible correlation were verified to occur

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