Heating ceramic tile forming die

Número de publicación CN206394144 (U)
Fecha de publicación: 8 de noviembre de 2017


The utility model relates to a porcelain brick die utensil, concretely relates to heating ceramic tile forming die, including mould die block and mould upper cover, one side of mould upper cover articulates on the mould basement membrane, be equipped with the boss of rectangle on the mould basement membrane all around, be equipped with foaming air vent and wire guide on the boss, the mould basement membrane has electric heater unit, electric heater unit is located the box, cover on the mould and be connected with the cylinder, the piston rod one end of cylinder hinges to be covered on the mould, the other end of cylinder articulates on vertical pole, vertical pole position articulates one side of connecting in the mould upper cover, vertical pole lower extreme is fixed on the box. This mould structure is simple, accomplishes the compound die die sinking automatically, alleviates work load, sets up the foaming air vent, guarantees the foaming effect of foam blanket, and the mould is being connected the device in an organic whole with heating device, and it is convenient to use, to carry, to maintain.

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