Highly loaded alumina inks for use in a piezoelectric print head

Autores: Polsakiewicz, D.A.|Kollenberg, W.

Fuente: Mat.-wiss. u.WerkstofftechDOI: 10.1002/mawe.201100780
4289), 812-819

Ink jet printing techniques are used for an increasing number of materials and applications. Properties of the used inks have great influence on process stability and accuracy as well as the resulting part properties. Inks containing ceramic particles have been applied in various studies and applications. The criteria identifying suitable inks vary depending on the applied printing technology. In this study, inks for application in a piezoelectric print head were investigated. Alumina inks with solid loadings up to 21 vol.-% were prepared and characterized. The Influence of different solid loadings, dispersant concentrations and binding agents was examined. The prepared inks show sufficient stability and fit literature recommendations for successful drop ejection. Considering rheological aspects, two inks with light shear-thinning behaviour and viscosities of 18 mPas and 23 mPas at high shear rates were recommended for upcoming printing tests. The Re/We1/2 ratio can be used for predetermination of print ability but the influence of the surface tension is not sufficiently taken into account using the presented calculations. So further printing experiments are essential for clarification of the calculations and obtained print ability values.

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