Hot-pressed gres porcellanato body

Autores: Partyka, J.|Lis, J.|Zientara, D.
Fuente: Interceram
59 (2), 119-122

Since several years, glazed and unglazed Gres Porcellanato tiles are the most popular covering materials in the construction sector. These tiles permanently are developed by researchers and technologists mainly by means of a new decorative technique. During the last fifteen years, the composition of these bodies as well as the methods of production almost are of elevated technical perfection. Presently, the Gres Porcellanato material can be characterized by high mechanical parameters and is a very cheap material in comparison to others materials common used in engineering. On the other hand, new production techniques such as hot pressing become more and more cheap and accessible. Commercial Gres Porcellanato bodies have been sintered using a hot-press (Thermal Technology LLC, USA). The parameters of the hot pressing process are a sintering temperature of 1,100, 1,150 and 1,200°C, and a pressure of 25MPa. A strong increase of the flexural strength and micro-hardness has been obtained in comparison to commercial tiles and standard requirements. The differences in phase composition and microstructure are discussed. All results show the possibility of developing the technical parameters of the ceramic Gres Porcellanato bodies and perhaps finding other application.

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