Ink providing etch-like effect for printing ceramic surfaces

N. de solicitud: WO2006IL01143
N. de publicación: WO2007036942

The invention relates to an ink-jet ink composition for printing on a ceramic substrate comprising: a liquid vehicle; sub-micron particles of binding composition having a melting point below 6000C; and sub-micron particles causing an etch-like effect, said sub-micron particles are selected from metal oxide particles, high melting point frit particles, and a combination thereof, said sub-micron particles causing an etch-like effect have a melting point of at least 500C above the melting point of said sub-micron particles of binding composition. The invention further relates to a printing process using such ink and to a ceramic substrate printed with a pattern or image having an etch-like effect, by means of the printing process.

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