Investigating the possibility of utilizing pumice-type natural pozzonal in production of geopolymer cement

Autores: Allahverdi, A.|Mehrpour, K.|Kani, E.N.
Fuente: Ceram. silik.
52 (1), 16-23

Natural pozzolans are aluminosilicate-type materials which can be activated with solutions of NaOH and Na2SiO3. Using a pumice-type natural pozzolan and different alkali-activators based on combinations of Na2SiO3 and NaOH, a number of geopolymer cement systems were designed and studied. Water-to-dry binder ratio, silica modulus, and sodium oxide concentration of the systems were adjusted at different levels and setting time, workability, and 28-day compressive strengths of the systems were studied. The results obtained reveal that natural pozzolans of pumice-type can be activated using a proportioned mixture of Na2SiO3 and NaOH resulting in the formation of a geopolymer cement system exhibiting suitable workability and acceptable 28-day compressive strengths. All the measured final setting times are acceptable compared to standard values given for Portland cement.

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