Kaolin processing waste applied in the manufacturing of ceramic tiles and mullite bodies

Autores: Menezes, R.R.|Farias, F.F.|Oliveira, M.F.|Santana, L.N.|Neves, G.A.|Lira, H.L.|Ferreira, H.C.
Fuente: Waste manag. res.

In the last few years, mineral extraction and processing industries have been identified as sources of environmental contamination and pollution. The kaolin processing industry around the world generates large amounts of waste materials. The present study evaluated the suitability of kaolin processing waste as an alternative source of ceramic raw material for the production of ceramic tiles and dense mullite bodies. Several formulations were prepared and sintered at different temperatures. The sintered samples were characterized to determine their porosity, water absorption, firing shrinkage and mechanical strength. The fired samples were microstructurally analysed by X-ray diffraction. The results indicated that ceramic tile formulations containing up to 60% of waste could be used for the production of tiles with low water absorption (~ 0.5%) and low sintering temperature (1150º C). Mullite formulations with more than 40% of kaolin waste could be used in the production of bodies with high strength, of about 75 MPa, which can be used as refractory materials.

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