Kinetic studies of the crystallization process of glass-ceramics based on basalt

Autores: Vlase, T.|Pacurariu, C.|Lazau, R.I.|Lazau, I.
Fuente: Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry
88 (3), 625-629

The crystallization kinetic of the basalt glass ceramic of the oxide composition, (%): SiO2 – 50.82; Al2O3 – 12.05; Fe2O3 – 9.28; CaO – 15.48; MgO – 11.08; Na2O+K2O – 1.14; TiO2 – 0.15, with addition of 10% TiO2 as nucleating agent has been studied using thermal analysis under non-isothermal conditions. In this order, the non-isothermal DTA curves were obtained at different heating rates between 4 and 20º C min(-1) in the temperature range of 25-1000º C using a Derivatograph-C (MOM, Hungary). The kinetic parameters of the crystallization process were calculated on the basis of Ozawa-Flynn-Wall, Friedman, Budrugeac-Segal and non-parametric kinetic methods

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