Kinetics of long-term moisture expansion in fired-clay brick

Autores: Hall, C.|Wilson, M. A.|Hoff, W. D
Fuente: J. Am. Ceram. Soc.
94(11), 3651-3654

Slow, progressive moisture expansion is a general feature of fired-clay ceramics. In masonry structures, it may produce cracking and must be allowed for in design. Expansion continues indefinitely although at a diminishing rate. Using long-term data from four sources and extending up to 58 years, we show that a (time)1/4 power law model describes accurately the rate of expansion. The model is remarkable in having only two adjustable parameters, and provides a firm basis for predicting expansion in structural masonry. The results support also the use of the (time)1/4 model to represent the kinetics of long-term mass gain in archaeological ceramics.
hase are also discussed.

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