Laser micro sintering of ceramic materials

Autores: Exner, H.|Hartwig, L.|Streek, A.|Horn, M.|Klötzer, S.|Ebert, R.|Regenfuss, P.
Fuente: CFI, Ceram. forum int.
83 (13), 45-52

Laser micro sintering is an innovative technique of selective laser sintering. Within the last two years, Laserinstitut Mittelsachsen has improved it to an industrially applicable routine for the generation of metal micro bodies with an overall resolution of 30 µm. Recently first successes were achieved in application of this method to the layer-wise fabrication of ceramic bodies with a high structural resolution. The sintering of the material is accomplished through laser radiation either in a pulsed or in a continuous wave regime. Wavelengths of the employed lasers are in the near infrared, in the visible or in the near UV spectral range. The technique opens a new dimension for freeform fabrication of miniature and precise ceramic parts with application potentialities in a multitude of engineering fields. The expected structural resolution of the products is in the range of 40µm. The principle of the process is explained and views of the products are presented.

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