Lead-free and cadmium-free glass for glazing, enamelling and decorating glasses or glass-ceramics

Solicitante: SCHOTT AG
N. de solicitud: US20090392660
N. de publicación: US2009155585 A1

A lead and cadmium free glass for decorating and enamelling glasses or glass-ceramics having a small coefficient of thermal expansion is disclosed comprising the following components (in wt.-%): Sigma(Li2O+Na2O+K20) 0 to 10, Sigma(MgO+CaO+SrO)>=0.1, SiO2>65. Preferably, the glass according to the invention is mixed as a glass frit with pigments, fillers and other additions and applied to glasses or glass-ceramics having a very small thermal expansion. Bending strengths of more than MPa can be reached, in particular when coating substrates made of lithium aluminum silicate glass-ceramics.

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