Lead free glass(es), thick film paste(s), tape composition(s) and low temperature cofired ceramic devices made therefrom

Solicitante: Hang, K.W.|Nair, K.M.|McCombs, M.F.
N. de solicitud: US20060543742
N. de publicación: US2007111876

A glass composition consisting essentially of, based on mole percent, 46-56% B2O3, 0.5-8.5% P2O5, SiO2 and mixtures thereof, 20-50% CaO, 2-15% Ln2O3 where Ln is selected from the group consisting of rare earth elements and mixtures thereof; 0-6% M–2O where M– is selected from the group consisting of alkali elements; and 0-10% Al2O3, with the proviso that the composition is water millable.

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