Mechanical and tribological properties of a sintered glass-ceramic compared to granite and porcelainized stoneware

Autores: Buchner, S.|Mikowski, A.|Lepienski, C.M.|Ferreira, E.B.|Zanotto, E.D.|Torres, R.D.|Soares, P.
Fuente: Wear
271 (5-6), 875-880

Mechanical and tribological properties of a partially crystallized sintered glass-ceramic were compared to two commercial floor tiles: black granite and porcelainized stoneware. Mechanical properties, hardness and elastic modulus were evaluated by instrumented indentation. Friction coefficient and wear characterization were evaluated using a reciprocating ball-on-flat tribometer in two controlled environments: air with relative humidity of 53º/o and under running water at 23 °C. The sintered glass-ceramic and porcelainized stoneware presented similar mechanical and tribological properties. Regarding the mechanical and tribological properties, the results suggest that this glass-ceramic is suitable to be used as industrial tile.

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