Method and apparatus for producing ceramic frit-coated glass

N. de solicitud: WO2008US79342
N. de publicación: WO2009049044 A1

A method of producing stock sheets of ceramic frit-coated glass that can be stored in inventory and processed to customer-specified cut sizes, comprising the steps of: providing a sheet of glass; positioning the sheet of glass onto a glass transferring conveyor; washing the sheet of glass; providing a ceramic-frit application device; providing a container with liquid ceramic frit; moving the sheet of glass in a coating position on the glass transferring conveyor; depositing the liquid ceramic frit from the container onto the surface of the sheet of glass; heat drying the sheet of glass to a sufficient green strength; cooling down the sheet of glass; providing a glass cutting device having a wheel with a side cut of at least 1/2 inch width; using conventional means to score the glass to the desired cut size. Novel methods of cutting ceramic frit-coated glass are also disclosed.

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