Method and apparatus for producing three-dimensional ceramic mouldings

Solicitante: Uibel, K.|Telle, R.|Fischer, H.
N. de solicitud: WO2007EP02693
N. de publicación: WO2007112885

A description is given of a method of producing three-dimensional ceramic mouldings by layerwise printed application of a suspension containing the constituents necessary to form the ceramic mouldings to a support material, printed application taking place in the desired two-dimensional design using an inkjet printer, and by drying and curing the layer composite formed, said method being characterized in that the suspension applied by printing contains 50% to 80% by weight of ceramic particles in a dispersion medium that comprises an aqueous boehmite sol, at least one low molecular mass alcohol, at least one drying retardant and at least one organic liquefier, and also of apparatus for implementing this method.

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