Method and compositions for applying multiple overlying organic pigmented decorations on ceramic substrates

Solicitante: Tang, R.H.|Zhang, Y.|Morales, R.W.|Wang, A.E.|Hart, D.
N. de solicitud: US20060426123
N. de publicación: US2006235111

A pigmented curable composition adapted for decorating ceramic substrates (e.g., glass bottles) comprises curable organic binder and solid spherical particles (glass or polymer) having diameters of 10 to 50 microns for facilitating overprinting of additional layers. The preferred embodiment comprises: reactive organic resin component in which epoxy groups comprise the major reactive functionality; amino-functional curing agent; blocked polyisocyanate; and 5 to 35 percent solid spherical particles having diameters of 10 to 50 microns.

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