Method for fabricating ceramic articles and ceramic articles produced thereby

Solicitante: CORNING INC
N. de solicitud: EP20050778442
N. de publicación: EP1773550

A method for fabricating a ceramic article which includes providing a batch comprising components of a mixture of inorganic raw materials comprising talc, alumina, and silica; a binder comprising a water-soluble organic binder and a fibrous silicate mineral having a high aspect ratio in combination with a large surface area that is highly charged and has a strong interaction with a polar solvent, and is further characterized by a median particle size of 1-2 microns; and a polar solvent; mixing the batch components to form a homogenous and plasticized mass; shaping the plasticized mass into a green body wherein the green body has improved strength in a temperature region between 300 DEG -900 DEG C. to resist cracking during subsequent sintering; and, sintering the green body by heating to a temperature and for a time to initiate and sufficiently achieve conversion of the green body into a fired ceramic article.

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