Method for forming ceramic tiles or slabs reproducing the characteristics of the natural stones and related apparatus

Solicitante: SACMI
N. de solicitud: EP20060076834
N. de publicación: EP1787779

A method for forming ceramic tiles or slabs having veins similar to those of the natural stones, beginning from powders which are fed to a hopper from which they exit, in the form of a continuous strip, atop a movable horizontal surface, comprising the following steps: a) feeding said hopper with successive loads of different powders, so to form a line of separation between adjacent loads; b) detecting the coordinates of at least a discrete number of points of the level profile in the hopper of each powder load; c) transmitting the data of said coordinates to a programmed logical unit which drives vein tracing means; and d) creating at least one vein on said strip by means of said tracing means, said vein being made by following a motion law which has been previously set in said logical unit, said motion law being a function of said coordinates.

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