Method for forming multi-coloured porcellainized ceramic stone tiles by extrusion

Solicitante: SACMI
N. de solicitud: EP20060015746
N. de publicación: EP1710062

A method for forming tiles or tile accessories of extruded porcelainized ceramic stone, comprises the operation of preparing at least two pastes, typologically defined as porcelainized ceramic stone, having different colours; feeding said at least two pastes directly into the chamber of a screw extruder; subjecting the mass advancing within the extruder, downstream of the screw and upstream of the die, to the action of at least one flow deviator means; separating portions corresponding to tiles or tile accessories such as steps or skirting; subjecting the tiles or tile accessories obtained in this manner to a drying cycle; subjecting the dried tiles or tile accessories to a firing cycle.

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