Method for manufacturing material like antique tiles

N. de solicitud: EP20060011186
N. de publicación: EP1731330

The subject of the present invention is manufacturing decorative ceramic material representing antique tile properties. The manufacturing process in present invention has four steps. The first step is; manufacturing of quartz based body, the second step is; manufacturing of a slip which is compatible with quartz based body, the third step is; under glaze decoration applications with the colours obtained by using inorganic oxides, the fourth step is; the application of a frit based glaze, The first step is composed of a manufacturing method of glassy body which is to be used as tile substrate (Iznik tiles). The mentioned body is produced by mixing clay and fluxes to the quartz homogeneously, forming and sintering. The composition of this body is given by weight as; 8-12 % clay, 12-15 % flux, 70-80 % quartz. The second step is composed of a manufacturing method of a quartz based slip which has a 30 % water content by weight, application of this slip on a body produced in the first step, firing at 900-1000 DEG C and as a result obtaining a sintered glassy substrate. The third step is composed of the application of patterns and under glaze decorations with the colours obtained by using inorganic oxides. The fourth step is composed of application of a frit based transparent glaze on the decorated ceramic surface obtained in the third step, firing at temperatures under 1000 DEG C. This invention can be used as a decorative material and in restoration applications.

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