Method for manufacturing means for making embossed decoration patterns on ceramic tiles

N. de solicitud: EP20040007084
N. de publicación: EP1466712

According to the method, the decoration pattern in reverse is etched on a test plate of gummy material by laser controlled by an electronic processor. Then, the test plate is mounted on a punch of a press and a series of sample tiles are press-died. The above operations can be repeated until the final decoration pattern is obtained; then, the die (M) with the final decoration pattern in positive, is etched on a plate, flexible and thin, which is coupled with a rigid plate to heat-gum the punch of the production press. During the last operation, the layers (R) of gummy material, reproducing the decoration pattern, are applied to the punch to die-press the production tiles. Then, the plate is removed from the rigid plate and stored, to be re-used, when a new gumming of the punch is needed. The method accelerates the introduction of the new decoration patterns into production and facilitates handling of the deposited plates.

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