Method for obtaining a ceramic coating by means of electroforetic deposition

N. de publicación: WO2011007019

The present invention relates to a method for obtaining a ceramic coating on a metal, metal-alloy, plastic, ceramic, ceramo-metallic, polymeric, wood or glass substrate or a substrate made from any other material that is a mixture of the aforesaid, in particular, on a heat exchanger for a domestic copper-alloy gas-condensation boiler. Said coating confers high corrosion-resistance and/or high mechanical and/or tribological properties on the substrate. The method comprises: a) low-potential electroforetic deposition (EPD) on a starting substrate using an aqueous suspension that comprises ceramic particles; and b) sintering, which is performed by means of (i) heat treatment at a high temperature between 900 and 1300 DEG C; (ii) at low temperature, between 450 and 900 DEG C, if the aqueous suspension comprises, furthermore, metallic particles; or (iii) at low temperature, between 100 and 300 DEG C, if a polymeric composition has previously been applied.

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