Method for preparing a porous ceramic material with high heat resistance

Solicitante: Z G CAMINI INOX S R L
N. de solicitud: WO2007EP01379
N. de publicación: WO2007096102

The present invention relates to a method for preparing a porous ceramic material, particularly for thermal insulation, comprising the steps of: providing a first composition in the form of a stable aqueous colloidal solution of silica and oxides of alkaline metals; providing a second stable composition in the form of a suspension in an organic liquid of inorganic and/or organic particles, the second composition containing compounds which, when the second composition is mixed with the first composition, can destabilize the first composition, forming gel, and can form an organic polymeric net together with a blowing agent; mixing the first composition and the second composition to form a mixture; forming from the mixture a porous structure in gel form, where an organic structure supports inorganic structures being formed; solidifying the porous structure in gel form, obtaining a porous ceramic material in which an organic polymeric net surrounds inorganic portions.

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