Method for producing foamed ceramics and articles made thereof

N. de publicación: WO/2011/005240

EN) The invention pertains to the building materials industry, and particularly to the production of foamed ceramic articles for the building industry. The method for producing foamed ceramic and articles made thereof comprises mixing a clay-based raw material with a foaming and shape-stabilizing agent, shaping the articles and firing the same. The foaming and stabilizing agent comprises an aqueous solution of sodium or potassium silicates. The resulting mixture is subjected to super high frequency electromagnetic radiation, said radiation having a water absorption frequency sufficient for the formation of an expanded mass and the curing thereof. The expanded mass is passed through an opening in order to produce article blanks having a shape defined by the opening. In order to obtain finished blanks of porous ceramic having a density of 650 kg/m3, the following proportions in wt. % of the mixture components are observed: 55-60 of clay-based raw material, and 45-40 of aqueous solution of sodium or potassium silicates having a density of 1350 kg/m3. The method makes it possible to obtain a foamed ceramic porous structure that is uniform throughout the entire volume thereof.

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