Method for producing luminous ceramic article

Solicitante: 2007-05-17
N. de solicitud: US20050280304
N. de publicación: US2007110904

The present invention relates to a method for producing a luminous ceramic article, in which luminous glaze and a solvent are first mixed and applied on a clay base; and then the clay base is burned in a kiln at a determined temperature and duration. The article can be achieved after the clay is cooled at room temperature. Optionally, a minor component and/or an additive may be added into the luminous glaze. In the present invention, the clay base can be a white glazed brick or a china article and the glaze can be manually coated or sprayed on the base through a screen or a mesh. The article itself will emit light after absorbing and storing photo energy, and thus is a safe and reliable light source with a long lighting duration and no pollution.

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