Method for production of porous ceramic material

Solicitante: KURARAY CO
N. de solicitud: WO2008JP53864
N. de publicación: WO2008111432

Disclosed is a method for producing a porous ceramic material which can induce the formation of a tissue (e.g., a bone tissue) rapidly and has a practically useful strength. Specifically disclosed is a method for producing a porous ceramic material, which comprises the following steps (A) to (D): (A) dispersing a ceramic raw material in a medium to prepare a slurry; (B) filling the slurry in a container and inserting the container into a cooling medium at a temperature equal to or lower than the freezing point of the slurry in a given direction to cause the freezing of the slurry in one direction with starting from one end; (C) drying the frozen slurry to form a shaped material; and (D) burning the dried shaped material.

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