Microstructural and mechanical changes by chemical ageing of glazed ceramic surfaces

Autores: Cannillo, V.|Esposito, L.|Rambaldi, E.|Sola, A.|Tucci, A.
Fuente: J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.
29 (9), 1561-1569

In the present work, several ceramic tiles, characterised by different glazes, were considered in order to define the role played by the glassy and crystalline phases on the leaching mechanisms and the deterioration of the mechanical properties. The glazed working surfaces were subjected to chemical attack by using a strong basic solution and the chemical analysis of the leached solutions was performed. Before and after the chemical attack, the glazed surfaces of the samples were analysed from both the microstructural and mechanical point of view. In this context, the microstructure was observed by SEM and analysed by X-ray diffraction. In order to define other possible changes, roughness measurements, Vickers hardness and micro-scratch tests were also performed. The results made it possible to deepen the understanding of the mechanisms of elements release caused by the chemical attack and their implications on microstructural and mechanical degradation of the working surface of glazed ceramic tiles.

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