Modelling of gas permeation through ceramic coatings produced by thermal spraying

Autores: Golosnoy, I.O.|Paul, S.|Clyne, T.W.
Fuente: Acta mater.
56 (4), 874-883

An analytical model has been developed for simulation of gas permeation through thermal spray coatings, and for prediction of the permeability. The model is based on a geometrical representation of the coating microstructure. This involves thin splats, with limited inter-splat bridging, and microcracks within the splats. Important variables include the thickness (smallest dimension) of the inter-splat pores and intra-splat microcracks. Uniform values of these parameters are used in the model. Predicted permeabilities are compared with experimental data obtained using plasma-sprayed zirconia coatings, both in the as-sprayed state and after heat treatments sufficient to generate significant microstructural changes via sintering effects. In general, good agreement is obtained and it is concluded that the model constitutes a useful tool for exploration of gas permeation characteristics in coatings or layers produced by thermal spraying.

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