Modular roofing tile element with integrated photovoltaic module and relative laying method

Solicitante: Loscalzo, E.
N. de publicación: WO2011048565 A1

The invention relates Io a modular roofing tile clement with integrated photovoltaic module, comprising u support structure and a photovoltaic module, wherein the perimeter part of said support structure is shaped like the perimeter of a conventional tile to allow it to he modularly connected to other similar modular roofing elements, wherein said perimeter part comprises a first and a second longitudinal flaps and a lower transverse edge, wherein in an upper region of each of said longitudinal flaps there are respective first and second through holes, and wherein in a median region of said transverse edge there is a third through hole so that. v hen two first modular elements are placed bide by side, said first flap is superimposed on said second flap and, when a third modular element is superimposed on said two first modular elements, said first, second and third holes are axially aligned with one another.

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