New Blended Cement from Polishing and Glazing Ceramic Sludge

Autores: Andreola, F.|Barbieri, L.|Lancellotti, I.|Bignozzi, C.|Sandrolini , F.
Fuente: Int. j. app. ceram. technol.
7(4), 546-555

Waste generated in ceramic tiles manufacturing is not usually recycled inside the productive plant, but rather disposed to landfill. This paper deals with ceramic residues from polishing and glazing processes, as constituents for innovative blended cements. New binders made up of 75% CEM I 52.5 R and 25% residues were chemically, physically, and mechanically characterized with reference to EN 197-1 requirements and the results compared with ordinary Portland cement. Mechanical strength development and microstructure of the relevant mortar have been investigated up to 90 days of curing, and the behavior of polishing and glazing residues as cement constituents is reported.

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