New polymeric binders in ceramic processing

Autores: Szafran, M.|Rokicki, G.
Fuente: Advances in Science and Technology
45, 453-461

The results of studies on the application of new water-dispersible binders such as poly(acrylic-styrene), poly(acrylic-allyl ether) for die and isostatic pressing and tape casting of Al2O3 ceramics are presented. The properties of these acrylic polymers were modified by insertion of selected amphiphilic macromonomers into the polymer chains. These amphiphilic macromonomers, due to the proper ratio of the hydrophilic to hydrophobic fragments, play the role of not only an internal plasticizer, but they also modify the adhesion of such binders to the ceramic powder particles. The influence of chemical structure of these copolymers on the properties of alumina ceramics is discussed. The investigations on properties of alumina ceramics obtained by gelcasting method using new water soluble acrylic monomers containing hydroxyl groups in their chemical structure as well as by direct coagulation casting method using polymeric flocculants are also presented and discussed.

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