Novel ceramic fuel cell using non-ceria-based composites as electrolyte

Autores: Li, S.|Wang, X.D.|Zhu, B.
Fuente: Electrochemistry communications
9 (12), 2863-2866

A novel concept of ceramic or solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) based on non-ceria-salt-composites electrolyte has been investigated. The fuel cell using LiAlO2-carbonate (LiNaCO3) as electrolyte exhibits excellent performances, when we used hydrogen and air as fuel and oxidant respectively, instead of molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFCs) environment. The maximum output power density can reach 466 mW/cm(2) at 650º C and the discharging current keeps constant. The ion transport mechanics of the ceramic fuel cell were discussed. In the H-2/air atmosphere, the new fuel cell function should be performed only by proton or oxygen ion conduction, which differs essentially from the MCFC function, in which the CO32- conduction dominates process

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