Novel fabrication route for porous ceramics using waste materials by non-firing process

Autores: Eiad-Ua, A.|Shirai, T.|Kato, T.|Orito, K.|Watanabe, H.|Fuji, M.|Takahashi, M.
Fuente: J. Ceram. Soc. Jap., Int. Ed.
118 (1380), 745-748

We have successfully fabricated non-firing porous ceramics from Black paper sludge ash (BPSA, waste materials). It is an alternative ecological and economic waste recovery technique for waste pulp materials from pulp and paper industries. It has been gradually affecting our environment. In this study, black paper sludge ash (solid waste, BPSA obtained from a waste material from pulp and paper industries) was investigated for the fabrication of porous ceramics. The BPSA was activated with mechano-chemical process. Then, KOH solution was added and reacted to the paste (waste composite) until completely solidified. The structural properties of the porous ceramics were investigated using X-ray CT and mercury porosimeter. Results show increasing the concentration of KOH solution and reaction temperature created an observable pore size of specimen and a number of noticeable pores in the specimen increased

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