Optimizing net-shape ceramics for green machining

Autores: Pfrengle, A.|Binder, J.R.|Ritzhaupt-Kleissl, H.J.|Hausselt, J.|Müller, C.|Gietzelt, T.
Fuente: Int. j. app. ceram. technol.
7 (2) , 189-196

Based on previous work, the material properties of zirconium disilicide containing net-shape ceramic compositions are adjusted to minimize the edge flaking that occurs during micromilling of the green bodies. The material compositions (besides ZrSi2, also containing ZrO2, Al2O3, MgO, SiO2, and a polysorbate) are granulated and axially dry pressed to pellets, which are wet milled with a 0.5-mm-diameter tool. The structure–s edge flaking is quantitatively determined and compared with previous results. The mechanical properties of the green and sintered bodies are also characterized. The strengths of the green bodies depend on their composition and treatment. Additionally, a correlation between the Weibull moduli of the green compacts and the moduli of the sintered parts is shown. For the sintered ceramics, Weibull strengths of up to 344 MPa can be achieved. It is also shown that the dimensional accuracy of the net-shape material is maintained.

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