Oxynitrides as a new fucntional

Autores: Kikkawa, S.|Motohashi, T.|Masubuchi, Y .
Fuente: Akedo, J.; Ohsato, H.; Shimada, T (Eds.) Advances in multifunctional materials and systems. [s.l.] Wiley; ACERS, 2010. (Ceramic transactions; 216)
pp. 105-111

SiAION has been only one oxynitride as a useful ceramic material. It has been used as structural ceramics. Recently it has found out an additional application as phosphor materials in light emitting diode. We have developed a new preparation method through solution route for various kinds of metal oxynitrides. Magnetic and optical materials were found out in gallium oxynitride and its nanofiber was also obtained. New phosphor material could be developed in aluminum oxynitride. Structural investigation was performed on EuTaO2N perovskite as a model for potential lead-free dielectric ATaO(2)N (A=Sr, Ba). Possible new superconductor was also found out in niobium related oxynitride.

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