Patent: US 2014/0231674 A1. Ink jet printer composition and use

Autores: Wayne Lee Cook, Xenia.

An aqueous ink jet printer ink composition is designed for ink jet printing of fluorescent images. This composition contains fluorescent pigment particles that have (1) an excitation peak wavelength of at least 300 nm and less than 400 nm, and (2) an emission peak that is greater than 400 nm and up to and including 700 nm when exposed to fluorescent-exciting radiation. The non-polymeric fluorescent pigment particles have a median particle size that is greater than 10 nm and up to and including 500 nm, and the 95th percentile fluorescent pigment particle size is less than 150 nm. The composition can be continuously printed on various pretreated or untreated receiver elements or articles to provide a fluorescent image that can be detected when excited at the appropriate wavelength. The fluorescent image can thus be used as a security or identification mark for various purposes.

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