Número de publicación: WO2016044937
Fecha de publicación: 31 de marzo de 2016
Solicitante: GRAF X GLASS INC. strong>

Photochromic frit is manufactured, with characteristics relating to photochromic behavior, optical clarity, compatibility with float-glass manufacturing processes, or compatibility with optical or other organic plastic compounds used as coatings or intermediate layers in manufactured glass laminates (such as automotive windshields or certain so-called safety glass panels). The photochromic frit is useful for inclusion in transparent panels or products, as a post-formed coating material, for sheets, shapes such as lenses, laminate layers in automotive or other transparent windows and panels, as a part of a colorant layer or coating for paint, glaze, masonry, cosmetics, clothing, or similar applications, whether during manufacture or screened and printed.

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