Photovoltaic tile assembly

N. de solicitud: WO2008SG00391
N. de publicación: WO2009048431 A2

A photovoltaic tile assembly comprises a base tile having at least one solid region through which a mechanical fastener is driven for fastening the base tile to an underlying roof structure. The assembly further comprises one or more cover tiles each having a photovoltaic cell for converting solar energy into electricity. The cover tiles are electrically and mechanically coupled to a corresponding base tile by electrical connection posts. The posts are supported within the base tile and have a first end that contacts with and provides electrical connection with respective output terminals of the cover tile. Additionally, the first end penetrates through the cover tile to provide mechanical attachment of the cover tile to a base tile; Each post also has a second end that is electrically coupled to an electrical connection tube to facilitate electrical coupling of the cover tiles to a power management system. Tubes are provided with electrical connectors and at opposite axial ends to enable electrical connection with adjacent tubes in adjacent tile assemblies.

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