Porcelain tile manufacturing for the treatment

Número de publicación: KR101701098 (B1)

Fecha de publicación: 31 de enero de 2017

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(traducción automática del chino al inglés) The present invention relates to a porcelain tile construction for water treatment facilities, raw material crushing step (S1) and; And wet-molded in blending step (S2) for producing a porcelain tile filling material is added to the pulverized raw material through the raw material pulverizing step (S1) in a proportion of 16-20% by weight water; And the wet-forming blending step (S2) filling tile material producing step (S3) for dewatering the material filling tile formulation produced a porcelain tile filling material through; But through the tile material filling prepared through the tile material filler producing step (S3) forming a tile, the tile 10 to the accommodating hole 18 and the projection of the bottom 14 and the cutting edge portion 16 corresponding to the shape tile moldings manufacturing step is adding the formwork (30) (S4) and having; Firing the tile moldings molded through the tile molding producing step (S4) to 1,300 ~ 1,450 ℃, and the die 30 is turned a lift receiving the ball in accordance with the removed 18 and the projection 14 and the cutting edge portion 16 and the draft roasting step (S5) for unglazed tiles (10) to be formed; Glaze coating step for applying the glaze on the surface after removing the mold (30) remaining on a porcelain tile draft through the draft grill step (S5) (S6); And manufacturing a tile 10 through the porcelain tiles 10 conglomerate roasting step (S7) to complete as conglomerate roasting a porcelain tile glazed is applied to the surface through the glaze coating step (S6) to 1,300 ~ 1,450 ℃ and it characterized in that.

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