Porous ceramic article and method of manufacturing the same

Número de publicación: US20140338296A1
Tipo de publicación: Solicitud
Fecha de publicación: 20 nov 2014
Inventores: Monika Backhaus-Ricoult (Horseheads, NY, US) Christopher Raymond Glose (Painted Post, NY, US)
Cesionario original: CORNING INCORPORATED

The present disclosure relates to porous ceramic articles and a method of making the same. The porous ceramic articles have microstructure of sinter bonded or reaction bonded large pre-reacted particles and pore network structure exhibiting large pore necks. The method of making the porous ceramic articles involves using pre-reacted particles having one or more phases. A plastic ceramic precursor composition is also disclosed. The composition includes a mixture of at least one of dense, porous, or hollow spheroidal pre-reacted particles and a liquid vehicle.

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