Porous ceramic bodies and process for their preparation

N. de solicitud: WO2008EP60402
N. de publicación: WO2009019305 A2

A process for producing a porous ceramic body comprises a) mixing a coated porogen with a silicate or an oxide ceramic precursor, wherein the porogen is decomposable to gaseous decomposition products and optionally solid products upon heating, and is coated with a coating agent; b) forming a green body from the mixture obtained in step (a); and c) firing the green body obtained in step (b) to obtain the ceramic body, whereby the porogen decomposes to form pores within the ceramic body and the coating agent is deposited at the inner surface of the pores. The porogen is coated with a coating agent which, upon firing, is deposited at the inner surface of the ceramic pores, so that porous ceramics having decreased weight and improved porosity are obtained, while maintaining at the same time good mechanical strength.; A green body and a porous ceramic body obtainable with the above-mentioned process are described too.

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