Preparation method of a tile with solid pores as decoration and its product

N. de solicitud: EP20070721374
N. de publicación: EP2053031 A1

A preparation method of a ceramic tile with solid pores as decoration and its product are provided. The method includes the following steps: preparing a fine material, including a facing material and a base material; distributing and dry-pressing the fine material to form a molded body; drying the molded body; firing the body to form a semi-product; treating the surface of the semi-product to form a finished product; preparing the facing material includes a preparation of a pattern facing material, at least a sort of which are provided as a pore former; forming the molded body includes distributing and dry-pressing the pore former with the facing material and base material; and firing the molded body includes firing the facing material under the firing temperature at a range between 1100 and 1250 DEG C to form solid pores, fissures and/or textures.

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