Procedimiento e instalación de baldosas o losas cerámicas

Autores: Rivola, P.|Valli, S.

A method for forming ceramic tiles or slabs in a continuous press, comprising the following operative steps: arranging a hopper, driven with reciprocating movement, above a conveyor belt; depositing in the hopper in a prearranged and/or random manner a mixture of powders of different characteristics in such a manner as to create in the hopper a mass of powders presenting veining peculiar to a single block of natural stone; to from said mass of powders, withdrawing in succession portions having, in the belt advancement direction, a dimension equal to a fraction of the dimension of said hopper in the same direction and, in the direction perpendicular to the preceding, the same dimension as the hopper mouth, such as to withdraw an entire layer of said mass; depositing said layer onto said belt, and pressing the powders by a continuous pressing system.

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