Procedure for painting ceramic tiles by digital uv printing

Solicitante: Kovacec, B.
N. de publicación: SI23200 A2

The procedure for painting ceramic tiles by digital UV printing with a laser printer is solving the problem of conversion of photographs, pictures, graphics and text into a digital form and then transfer of this form on the laser printer to paint digitally ceramic tiles which are set in a technological line for their production or coating or printing. The line for digital painting of converted photographs, pictures, captions, texts and graphics is composed of several independent, interconnected and synchronized machines and devices, which can be located at the end of the technological line for the production of ceramic tiles, or it can operate as an independent unit. The technological procedure of painting ceramic tiles is carried out in three phases. The first phase is the preparation of print medium. The second phase is the digital UV printing, where printing operation or painting of one or several ceramic tiles is carried out. In the third phase, the procedure of packing painted ceramic tiles into suitable boxes takes place.

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